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Pilates in Huntington Beach to Fall in Love With


Pilates at Love Pilates will provide an effective and safe workout tailored to your needs. You’ll feel stronger and more confident. We’ll help you move better so you can perform your daily tasks more easily, like walking, climbing stairs, etc. 

Feel more limber instead of tight

Feel more relaxed and accomplished instead of stressed

 Feel taller and more open instead of bent and stooped from sitting all day

Feel energized and invigorated instead of tired

Become a part of our community and feel encouraged. 

Come join us, you’ll feel better when you leave than when you came in – every time!

Private Pilates

Work 1:1 with an instructor who will tailor each session to your needs. Set goals and work toward those goals each session in a supportive environment.

Duet Sessions

Bring a friend and enjoy a lesson for two. Date night or a work out with a friend will help you have better stamina, a better mood, and more strength and flexibility.

Small Group Classes

Enjoy a full body workout in a fun, upbeat environment. You will get personalized attention and leave feeling better than when you walked in.

Huntington Beach, CA

Your Local Pilates Studio

Love Pilates, in north Huntington Beach, CA, is fully equipped with well maintained Balanced Body equipment. We offer small group classes (up to 6 participants) so you get the attention you need to ensure a safe and effective workout. Our Love Pilates group classes include exercises on the Reformer and Wunda Chair, as well as mat exercises. We also offer private lessons so that you can get individualized instruction suited to your particular needs. 

The LOVEPilates Mission

Our mission at Love Pilates is to empower you to feel and move better, to perform life’s daily tasks without pain and with balance and stability, and to build a community of like-minded people who will support and encourage each other to better health and fitness.


Prior to finding Love Pilates, my wife Teri and I were searching for new ways to keep fit, flexible and mobile. Our previous activities were no longer good options, and Teri hated exercise, especially classes. We tried some other options, but weren’t happy. Then we found Love Pilates. The minute we stepped into the studio we were welcomed, energized and wowed! One year later, Pilates has completely changed our bodies. I’m stronger and more flexible that I was when I was 40! Teri is the strongest she’s ever been and has lost 3 sizes! Don’t even think of considering anywhere but Love Pilates. They provide unmatched instruction as well as constant focus on managing your health and progress. It’s a totally rewarding, comfortable experience. Love really is the secret ingredient!

– Don

Before I found Love Pilates, I was struggling with limited flexibility and mobility. Daily activities were difficult, such as picking small objects off the floor. Since taking lessons regularly, my flexibility and mobility have increased, stability going up and down stairs has increased and I’m hoping to soon touch my toes with my knees straight(er). The Love Pilates staff are observant and quietly modify exercises to meet your needs and students make an effort to welcome everyone.

– Jack

Before I found Love Pilates, I was struggling with self confidence. I had a spinal cord injury that required surgery, weakness in one leg, and my balance wasn’t what it used to be. Since becoming a regular client at Love Pilates, my balance and strength have improved, and I always leave feeling like I’ve conquered a challenge. Most importantly, I’ve found a community, like family. Everyone is so welcoming and supportive. If you’re thinking of trying a class, please just do it! Love Pilates will give you confidence, strength, and a better understanding of your body and what it can do. You’ll make some really amazing new friends too!

– MaryJo

Before I found Love Pilates, I was struggling with joint stiffness, losing flexibility and strength, and had fallen down a couple of stairs and injured my knee. Pilates was recommended by my physical therapist. Since becoming a member at Love Pilates, I notice that I sit up straighter while driving, can lift a stack of dishes onto a high shelf with less effort, my core is stronger, and I have less back pain. What I love is the opportunity to stretch, strengthen and improve my posture in a non-competitive setting with great instructors and a variety of class times. It’s a great way to spend an hour helping myself to stay healthy.

– Jeannie