Our Instructors

Our instructors are fully certified and are constantly adding to their knowledge through continuing education courses to bring you the best instruction. Our instructors have knowledge in working with healthy clients as well as clients with challenges such as Multiple Sclerosis, Scoliosis, Low Bone Density, knee replacement, and pre- and post-natal clients. Every-body is a Pilates-Body!

Dena Lombardo, Pilates instructor and owner of Love Pilates studio in Huntington Beach CA

Dena Lombardo

Dena graduated with honors from Orange Coast College’s Pilates Instructor Certificate Program (as seen in Pilates Style Magazine, March/April 2014). She earned the Joanne Rawson Memorial Scholarship. She is also Certified by the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA®-CPT), Pilates for Osteoporosis, and Pilates for MS and Neurological Disorders. Dena’s love of Pilates and her passion for fitness and good health is what drives her desire to help others gain strength, flexibility and good health through Pilates.

  • PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher
  • Orange Coast College Pilates and Dance Conditioning Certified Instructor
  • Pilates for Osteoporosis Trained Instructor
  • Pilates for MS Licensed Instructor
  • CPR/AED Certified

Kristi Lynn

Kristi completed her comprehensive Pilates certification training with BASI® (Body Arts and Science International). Her Pilates journey began as a student in 2011, which deepened her desire to share this mind-body practice with others. Kristi is committed to being of service and helping people feel healthy and whole; gaining a level of command over their body and finding more energy and joy. She strives to honor the teachings of Joseph Pilates and Contrology, while staying current with contemporary research.
Kristi is passionate about healing thru movement, energy and sound; and balancing the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. She is a Master Gong Player, a Reiki Master, a Yoga, Qigong and Tai Chi teacher.

  • BASI® Certified Pilates Teacher
  • Reiki Master, Yoga, Qigong and Tai Chi Teacher
  • CPR/AED Certified

Lisa Ku

Lisa is a Certified Pilates Instructor through Body Arts and Science International (BASI), Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) through National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association (NESTA), and a Senior Fitness Specialist (SFS) through National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). Lisa has helped people of all ages and background to improve their posture, balance, strength, prep and rehabilitate pre-post-surgery, improve athletic performance, and even help moms get back into shape after a baby. Her goal is to help clients move safely and effectively through the versatility of movements.

Lisa enjoys spending time with her family and watching her boys play baseball. Lisa loves her dog Lucy and the Dodgers!

  • BASI Certified Pilates Instructor 
  • NESTA Certified Personal Trainer
  • NASM Senior Fitness Specialist 
  • CPR/AED Certified 

Katya Martin

Katya completed the Pilates and Dance Conditioning Instructor Certificate Program at Orange Coast College. She was born and raised in Russia and Ukraine and has been interested in physical education since she started gymnastics training at the age of six.  She followed this with different kinds of dance training – ballet, jazz, tap, social and ballroom dancing, and even martial arts.

Katya was looking for a program that would connect the mind and body in a fundamental way when she discovered Pilates.  Pilates was the perfect match because it can be done by almost all people regardless of age and physical fitness levels and abilities.  It teaches you confidence and control of your body while having fun at same time.  It gives you a sense of physical freedom.  Katya is looking forward to sharing her passion for Pilates and teaching what it can do for you.

  • Orange Coast College Pilates and Dance Conditioning Certified Instructor 
  • CPR/AED Certified

Cameron Lombardo

Cameron attending Orange Coast College’s Pilates Instructor Certificate Program, and graduated in June 2017. He then relocated to Portland, OR to attend school, and recently moved back to Southern California after completing his MA-TESOL at Portland State University. Cameron has always been interested in movement modalities that focus on the mind-body connection, such as martial arts, yoga, and of course Pilates. Cameron is also a language instructor, having taught English abroad and Japanese here in Southern California. During his time living in Japan, Cameron came into contact with various forms of meditation and believes that Pilates helps us to become more aware of our bodies in space, which in turn helps us to be more aware of the present moment, facilitating mindfulness in our daily lives. His life has been positively impacted in many unexpected ways by Pilates, and as an instructor his goal is to help clients improve their lives through Pilates too. 

  • Orange Coast College Pilates and Dance Conditioning Certified Instructor 
  • CPR/AED Certified

John Novak

John managed to keep up a very high level of activity and fitness into his mid-40’s. Then reality set in! For the next 20 years his nose was to the grindstone in a belated effort to secure a decent retirement. When John finally retired in 2015 from “Working for a Living” and transitioned into “Working for a Life” he was determined to reverse the damage caused by time spent sitting and interacting with computer screens. His motto for this next phase of his life was “65 going on 45”, a quest that has been largely successful. One of the most valuable tools in his arsenal for combating the effects of aging has been Pilates. Pilates has been particularly effective not only for building core strength but also in fine-tuning alignment, enhancing performance, and improving balance. John is new enough to the discipline to remember how it is to be new to Pilates while wearing a body that has endured the ravages of time, and has more than 30 years of teaching experience to draw on in his efforts to bring the principles of Pilates to his clients.

  • Orange Coast College Pilates and Dance Conditioning Certified Instructor 
  • CPR/AED Certified

Lena Mercuri

Lena comes with over 20 years of group fitness and personal training experience. She received her certificate of Pilates from Orange Coast College in 2021. She has participated in Pilates over the last 10 years, but committed to the practice in 2019 and experienced life changing benefits. She believes that Pilates has been life changing for her and wants to share the benefits with others.

Lena’s favorite hobbies are bike riding on the beach, spin and HIIT classes, rollerblading paining and wine tasting. She love Mediterranean food, sushi, and ice cream.

  • Orange Coast College Pilates and Dance Conditioning Certified Instructor
  • CPR/AED Certified

Lea Lukas

Lea is an adventurous spirit born and raised in Southern California. In her 20’s she worked hard and played harder, living a fast paced and high impact lifestyle. During that time, her body had become exasperated and ill with chronic Multiple Sclerosis (MS). In her late twenties she completely changed her perspectives on her relationships with diet and exercise as well as addressing stress. 

Lea found an interest in psychology and while working and practicing mat classes 5+ days a week for the now recommended low impact workouts, she discovered Pilates and a love that ultimately solidified her course to a healthier more fulfilling life. 

Lea became certified by Orange Coast College, graduating in 2020 after an accumulative decade of working at achieving the career path of a Pilates Instructor. Lea looks forward to working with and sharing with others the benefits of Pilates and how it can and does bring youth and life back to any body regardless of age or health.

Lea Lukas Pilates instructor in Huntington Beach CA

Love Pilates is actively seeking Certified Pilates Instructors to join our boutique studio family