What if you don’t feel the burn?

I often get questions from new clients about whether or not they’ll be sore from Pilates. I often find myself saying something to a new Pilates student that I felt like more people should hear, even seasoned students. I tell them that they probably won’t be sore after their first class and that’s OK and it’s actually a good thing. I tell them they will feel like they’ve done something great for their bodies, and will most likely feel taller and more limber after their class.

Many times when a new client starts Pilates, they mention that they took a fitness class

somewhere, and they were so sore that they could barely walk the next day. I always reassure them, and tell them that they may feel some increased “muscle awareness” of muscles that they haven’t used in a while, but Pilates should never hurt.

I think in today’s society we have this perception that if you are not miserably sore after you exercise- it isn’t effective.  At LOVE PILATES we ask our clients to put aside the belief that that you have to be sore after an exercise class.  We want you to start looking at movement and exercise as a path to good health.  We want you to look forward to coming to your Pilates session!   

Don’t get me wrong…I’m not saying you should never have sore muscles from your Pilates practice, you will. What I’m saying is that it is actually better and more effective for your body to gradually progress through exercises feeling mild soreness from the strengthening process, versus trying to do too much too soon and overloading your muscles to the place where you are likely to injure yourself.  I’m also saying that it’s OK if you are not sore from a Pilates/movement session!

The belief that you have to be sore from movement for it to be effective is really a little ridiculous if you think about it. For instance, I walk on a daily basis to make sure I get my plenty of cardiovascular movement time in and to strengthen my body as a whole.  I would never think to myself, “Wow, I’m never sore from walking so it must not be doing me any good!” Regular cardiovascular exercise like walking is great for your cardiovascular health, your muscles and even your bone strength!

Is the dread of post exercise soreness keeping you from trying Pilates?  I encourage you to rethink some of those old movement beliefs and call and set up a session!

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