5 Ways Virtual Classes Help You Reach Your Health Goals

Let me guess…you’ve tried those dvd workouts at home in the past? Maybe they worked for you for awhile, but then you got bored of doing the same thing or maybe you just plain got out of the habit of doing them?

When the pandemic happened and you started hearing about virtual fitness classes I’m guessing you imagined that those virtual classes might not be too different from those video workouts you used to do.

If this is the case I can guess that you didn’t really look into what virtual fitness classes were, because you grouped this fitness option with something you had already done and maybe that’s not exactly what you were looking for when it came to getting help staying active and fit.

I have some exciting news for you! Virtual fitness classes are actually really different from those video workouts you used to watch and I think you might be pleasantly surprised at how this new trend could help you stay active and work toward your health goals. Let me tell you how:

5 Ways Virtual Classes help you reach your health goals:

  1. When you take a virtual class you are taking a class that is live and personal! The teacher is taking you and the class through exercises in real time. You’ll feel like you are in the room with the teacher even though you are working out in the comfort of your home!
  2. Each class is different and unique. Although the class may practice some of the same things each time, the way the teacher teaches is different in each class. This means you’ll learn new things each time and you won’t get bored!
  3. You get to connect to a real life teacher who will answer your questions before and after class, or outside of class by email or phone. Your teacher will be cheering you on in your fitness journey and the accountability of working with a professional will help keep you motivated.
  4. You’ll have the option to turn your video camera on if you want. If you like accountability, you can turn your video on so that your teacher can see you throughout class. Not all students in class do this, but many do because they feel like it keeps them more accountable and they know it helps the teacher give them cues and suggestions that are specific to them.
  5. You’ll have the chance before class starts and after class to chat and connect with the teacher and other students in the class. This is optional, but if you are looking for a more personalized experience this is a great way to connect with others and allows your teachers to get to know you, so they can best help you on your fitness journey.

If you are looking for something to help you stay accountable to your fitness time I would encourage you to try out virtual classes! You might just find yourself moving your body more and enjoying it!

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