How Routines Help us Reach Goals

Boutique fitness studios like ours view September similarly to the month of January. Summer tends to be a slower season for our industry as families take vacations, students are out of school, and we all give ourselves permission to take things easy. It is pretty common for us to see an uptick in class attendance and new clients as everyone gets back into the swing of things.

One of the reasons summer is such a challenge when it comes to maintaining our wellness and fitness goals is that we are out of our regular routine. Sure, some people pack their mat or take jogs on the beach but for others, it’s super hard to keep things up away from home or when our schedules are disrupted. 

🎯Routines help us reach goals.🎯

That is true for financial, business, relational, wellness, fitness, and any other kinds of goals we set for ourselves. Naturally, at Love Pilates we tend to focus more on the fitness and wellness goals for our clients. But the power of routines can be applied to ANY area of your life. No matter your ambition, routines can help you achieve what you set out to do.

In this article we are going to take a look at why routines are so potent and share a set of tips for establishing and keeping routines to achieve big things.

Let’s get started!

The Benefits of Establishing a Routine

Routines help us feel in control of our lives by providing structure and organization. Conversely, the lack of structure or routine can contribute to anxiety and overwhelm. 

Routines help us:

🎯reduce stress and anxiety levels

🎯feel more focused and productive

🎯form positive habits

🎯take better care of our health and well being

4 Tips for Establishing Routines to Reach Your Goals

For most of us, it is not enough to simply decide what our goals are and say that we are going to accomplish them. We have a much better chance of reaching our goals when we establish a routine around them. Here are four tips for establishing routines that will really help you reach your goals. 

Tip #1: Set up Your Goal and Your Routine at the Same Time

One of the most powerful tactics for achieving your goals is to establish the routine you will use to get there at the same time that you dream up your goal. Many of us think about what we want to make happen and get excited about that prospect but we fail to consider the how side of the equation. Instead, set up your goal and your routine at the same time. Don’t wait or put it off. Capture the motivation you’ve created in thinking up your goal and apply it right away to establish the routine that will get you there. 

For example, if your goal is to improve your health and well being and you know that attending a group movement practice regularly will help you achieve that goal, sign up for sessions twice per week for the following month. Don’t wait or overthink it. Just sign up and you will feel far more committed to the routine.

Tip #2: Triggers Make You Take Action

Actions must be aligned to the goals you want to achieve if you want to reach your desired destination. One way to help yourself take those actions is to intentionally set up triggers that prompt you to take action. 

Looking at our previous example. If one of the actions you need to take is attending a movement class twice per week, put those two classes on your calendar, set a reminder on your phone or smart speaker, or accept text reminders from the studio that will ping you ahead of the scheduled class. These triggers will prompt you to take the action you need to take to get closer to achieving your goal. 

Tip #3: Work it into a Realistic Schedule

Everyone is busy and we all have more to do than time to do it. Or, at the very least, it certainly feels that way. One of the tactics you can use to make your routine work best for you is to work it into a schedule that is actually achievable and realistic.

If you are not a morning person, signing up for twice weekly sessions of the six am class at your local studio is not going to be a good idea for you. On the flip side, if you work twelve hour shifts and are exhausted by the end of it, taking a class at the end of your work day is not really sustainable either. Work your routine into your existing schedule in a way that is realistic. Eating lunch while working twice a week so that you can attend a lunch hour class may work much better for you.

Tip #4: Set Yourself Up for Success

Take away any and all excuses or distractions so that taking goal-oriented action is easier. Set yourself up in such a way that saying yes to your routine is easier than saying no. There is a practical and psychological aspect to this routine-setting tip.

On the practical side, you can do things like packing your workout clothes, filling your water bottle, and putting those items in your car the night before your class. If something unexpected happens that morning, it won’t impact your routine. You are already ready to go! 

Psychologically speaking, taking those steps makes you more committed. You will be far less likely to decide to skip your session if you get to your car and see your leggings and water bottle sitting there ready to go! 

At Love Pilates we are here to help you set goals and be part of the routine that will help you achieve them! We welcome the opportunity to discuss your unique needs and desires. Snag a spot on our schedule by completing the form here: for a complimentary consultation to do just that! 

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