New to Pilates?

5 Tips to Make Your First Session a Success

If you are new to Pilates and are getting ready to take your first session, you probably have a few questions about what to expect and what to do to make the experience great. At Love Pilates we love welcoming first timers into our studio and have all the info you need to walk into that first session with confidence and ease.

Before we get into the 5 tips for success, take a moment to give yourself some gratitude for taking the real first step of signing up! When you are starting out a new movement practice, sometimes the very hardest part is committing to taking a class or two. And you have done that. đź‘Ź The rest will be easier than you may think.

Tip #1: Your positive mindset

If you feel a little intimidated to start a new movement practice, you are not alone! A survey found that about 50% of people feel the same way. (Source: Isopure)

Start by cultivating a mindset towards more courage and less fear, self care over self doubt, and a bit of patience instead of immediate gratification.

You have already proven that you have this mindset within you. Remember, showing up is often the hardest part and you took a huge first step by enrolling in class!

Tip #2: Share with us…

We are always thrilled to support new clients who are beginning their Pilates journey. You can expect us to welcome you warmly, greet you by name, show you around the studio, and provide guidance on moving safely and effectively throughout that first session and beyond.

One way we ensure that our clients succeed is by getting to know them. We are much more than just a studio offering classes. We are a community and we care about our members. To that end, we will ask a few questions that will help us give you the very best support.

Some of those questions could include what you hope to accomplish with your practice, what experience you have with this type of movement, and any factors that may impact your body, mind, or movement.

Past or present injuries, areas of pain or tension, involvement in other sports or exercise, fatigue or energy management issues, how you hope to impact your well being…all of this and more is relevant to your Pilates practice.

Share this information with our studio and we will be better equipped to deliver the very best experience for your unique self.

Tip #3: Expect to Hear and See Things that are New to You

One of the most wonderful things about Pilates is that it is a practice. What do we mean by that? It means you will never know all there is to know. There will always be something new to learn about yourself, your body, and the movement. There will always be opportunities to take your practice deeper or further. And every single time you show up, your experience will be different based on where you are in that moment.

We practice Pilates. We do not perfect it.

Embrace that aspect from the very beginning. It is completely normal to not understand every term the teacher uses. The cues may be confusing at first. Your body may not cooperate with every move you want it to make. And guess what? That is absolutely okay! Be open to the newness of it all and know that in time, your understanding will progress along with your body.

Tip #4: Focus on Yourself, Not the Person Next to You

Pilates is a deeply personal practice. Every one of us has our own unique body and circumstances. And those factors change within ourselves constantly. The body you bring to the mat today will feel different than the one you bring to the mat tomorrow.

Comparing yourself to another community member will not serve you or your movement. As Teddy Roosevelt said, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” Focus on yourself and what you want and need from the movement. Your experience will be more joyful, effective, and fulfilling as a result.

Tip #5: Prep yourself Inside and Out

You do not need expensive leggings or gear to receive all of the amazing benefits Pilates can provide. That being said, you will feel better and get better instruction from your teacher with a little prep work on the inside and out.

Your teacher is a highly trained professional who will observe your movements closely to check for alignment and form. It is best to wear form-fitting clothing so she can see things properly.

Be sure to drink plenty of water leading up to your session and stay hydrated afterwards, especially if you sweat. [CHECK OUT THIS HYDRATION ARTICLE FROM LAST MONTH] Avoid eating a full meal before the class. Activating your core and a tummy full of digesting food are not a great combination.

It’s likely that you will experience muscle soreness in the days following the class. Take care of your body with gentle stretches as often as you can.

We know that starting a new movement practice can feel daunting. We applaud you for making the decision to come to the studio and begin this life-changing journey. If you have any questions at all, please reach out and email us at [email protected]! We welcome the opportunity to discuss your unique goals, desires, and challenges and how our studio can support you on and off the mat.

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