Screen/Life Balance

I recently joined a New York Times Wellness Challenge. It was interesting to get tips daily along with articles that supported the wellness tools presented each day.

I thought I’d share the one that impacted me the most. Maybe you’ll find it helpful too.

Resist Your Tech!

Wow! Who isn’t a bit addicted to their screens lately? I sure am, especially after the way almost everything went virtual in 2020. I have found that I rely on my phone for everything; a timer, alarm clock, reading material, entertainment, social connection, emails and business scheduling, and the list goes on and on.

I also find that being so connected to my phone screen is stressful, and keeps me from engaging in other ways. At the suggestion of the Wellness Challenge, I have started charging my phone in another room at night and using another alarm, and I’m determined not to look at my phone first thing. I’m waiting at least 30 minutes.

I like the fact that I feel more present in the morning since I’m less distracted. There’s almost nothing that can’t wait for my attention for 30 minutes in the morning!

Check out this article about Screen/Life Balance, and let me know what you think. I hope it makes a positive difference for you like it has for me!

Read the article here.

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