4 Ways to Stay Motivated at Home

If you’re staying home to stay safe, I hope you’ve had a chance to check out our virtual

classes, and you’re finding ways to keep moving every day at home. Are you enjoying exercise? Are you reaching your exercise goals? Are you crushing them with no problem or are you struggling at times to stay motivated?

Though we miss seeing some of your faces in the studio and cannot wait until that day comes, we want to make sure you know we are here for you the same way we would be as in-person. This includes making sure your motivation is present at all times while at home!

If your motivation to join us virtually is pulling you down, check out these 4 tips to stay motivated with us through our online classes.

1. Schedule your week with a regular routine

It’s so important to plan your week ahead, when planning your personal to-dos be sure to include when your workouts will occur in your week. A PRO TIP when doing this, create a regular routine of when you join us online. When you find a time and day(s) that work the best for you, then you can plan your days around this time slot knowing that it’s already dedicated as your time to workout online.

2. Make space in your home

Create a peaceful and safe space in your home where you can workout. Most of us never thought our home would turn into our studio, but making it a desirable place where you want to spend time helps tremendously in staying motivated knowing that it is ready for you to use and you don’t have to rearrange furniture or set it up to workout.

3. Remind yourself how amazing you feel after the class

Just like in-person, sometimes we have to remind ourselves of the results we gain from attending class. This stays true while working out at home as well. If you’re struggling to get online and attend class, remind yourself of how you feel afterwards and the goals you are trying to reach. This is usually enough motivation in itself to obtain the serenity you experience post workout!

4. Seek support + accountability

Have you liked our Facebook page? If not, click here to “like” us now. facebook.com/LovePilatesHB We want to provide community and support, and post short videos and motivating ideas.

If you’re looking for a motivational push and support through this virtual journey, reach out to us! We truly care about your overall health, well-being, and results of our classes. We want you to feel amazing and reach your goals, we are here for your needs and will be more than happy to give you an extra push to join us online!

We are here for you in person and online!

See you soon,


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