What motivates you?

Friends or couples who workout together provide motivation and accountability. How about inviting a friend or your significant other to join you!

Meet the Moss’

Don and Teri are loyal Love Pilates clients. They are often seen in evening and weekend classes, and love working out together.

What were you struggling with before you found Love Pilates?

Prior to starting with Pilates my wife Teri and I were searching for new ways to keep fit, flexible and mobile. At 63 my joints ached, my back was always sore, my waist line was swelling, and my lifelong devotion to martial arts and tennis were no longer good exercise options. Teri hated exercise and especially classes. Biking was boring. We can’t swim. Walking was relaxing but more diversion than fitness. Yoga helped with stretching and balance but never seemed to get to the “core” of the matter. Teri suggested Pilates. So, we tried an introductory session at a local studio. It was a Lagree mega-former work out that was definitely not “love” at first site. Neither was our second attempt at a “boot camp” style studio. Enter Love Pilates.

What was your first experience like at Love Pilates?

The minute we stepped into the studio we were welcomed, energized and wowed by Dena and her team of professional trainers. Their insistence on three beginner lessons completely changed our perception of Pilates. We got used to the equipment, the style of exercise and learned how to get the most out of each session.

What results have you seen since taking class regularly?

One year later, the Love Pilates expert instruction in a combination of reformer, mat and Wunda chair Pilates has completely changed our bodies. I am stronger and more flexible than I was at 40! I have more daily energy and can actually see my abs! Teri is the strongest she has ever been and has lost 3 sizes. She books lessons a month in advance to make sure we never miss.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about taking a class?

Don’t even think of considering anywhere but Love Pilates. Dena and her team of insanely great trainers provide an unmatched range of instruction from beginner to expert lessons as well as a constant focus on managing your health and progress. They manage to fill the studio and virtual lessons with a totally

rewarding, comfortable experience. Love really is the secret ingredient!


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