5 Ways Pilates Keeps You Younger Longer

The lure of looking and feeling young for as long as humanly possible is a bit of an obsession in many modern cultures. Beauty products that promise to erase wrinkles, laser treatments that remove signs of sun damage, and full-on invasive surgical procedures that rewind the hands of time are just a few examples of how infatuated we are in avoiding aging.

There are a multitude of industries that capitalize on this preoccupation with the fountain of youth and they generate revenues in the multi-billion dollars. In fact, researchers predict that the global market for anti-aging products will reach a staggering $47.8 billion dollars by 2027.

And hey, this is a judgment-free zone. Whatever you want to do to promote your health and wellbeing is entirely your business! But, if you REALLY want to keep the effects of aging in check and look and feel your absolute best, you may want to look right here www.love-pilates.com/schedule and book yourself into a regular, steady, consistent cadence with a movement practice at Love Pilates.

Pilates is a potent form of movement that has significantly positive impacts on our bodies, minds, and spirits. Those who regularly practice Pilates 

report feeling stronger, leaner, taller, more confident, less stressed, and 

fully energized. It makes people feel GOOD but it also has benefits that are specifically tied to this idea of looking and feeling younger, longer. Here’s how.

5 Ways Pilates Keeps You 

Feeling Younger, Longer

1. Increased energy and stamina

As our bodies age, we tend to run out of steam more quickly. We may crash in the late afternoon, be called to our beds for a quick power nap every single day, or just feel sluggish far more frequently than we’d like. Pilates is the ideal antidote.

2. Resilience and increased recovery

Have you ever noticed that kids will get a cold one day and seem pretty much completely symptom free within a day or two? Young bodies bounce back really quickly. As we age, we can hold onto that resilience against illness with a regular movement practice. And when we do get sick, a movement practice helps us recover more quickly.

3.Balance and posture improvements

A measurable and physically noticeable change that can occur in one’s body with a regular Pilates practice is an improvement in the person’s posture. In fact, in separate scientific studies, Pilates was found to improve the postural alignment of participating middle aged women as well as children aged 5-6 years old! We’ve all seen the stereotypical image of an older person hunched over a cane. With Pilates, you can avoid these undesirable changes to your posture as you age.
Another risk we all face as we age is a degradation of our ability to balance, leading to falls which can cause serious injury. Pilates is very effective at helping a person maintain or even improve their balance and coordination.

4. Increased agility and range of motion

One of the first things people notice when their bodies age is that the body is not as flexible or agile as it was in youth. Through intentional, slow, and highly targeted movements, Pilates can help you increase your flexibility and thus, range of motion.

5. Reduced pain, tension and stress

Pain, tension, and stress can be absolutely devastating to our sense of well being and ability to enjoy and participate in our lives fully. Pain, especially if it is chronic in nature, can be especially difficult to treat without pharmaceutical intervention.
Pilates is frequently recommended as a therapeutic modality to ease, control, and even prevent pain. The movements that help our bodies heal from pain have similar benefits in terms of easing tension and stress.
If we are lucky, we will all face the changes that come along with our bodies aging. If you are interested in supporting your body at every age, you can do so gracefully with the help of Pilates. We have a special offer exclusively for new clients. Check it out here 
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