Unleash Your Summer Glow: 3 Habits to Ignite Your Peak Wellness

The summer months are typically a time of year when we allow ourselves to relax our routines, embrace a more laid back lifestyle, and explore places and activities that are not available in other seasons. This presents a unique opportunity to unwind and discover new things about ourselves.

This summer at Love Pilates we would love to see you in the studio, continuing to move with us. But we also want to help you lean into some habits and routines that will unleash your peak wellness and get you everything you want and more from this year’s sunny season. 

Make Mornings Count

Unlike other times of the year, the summer months are often most pleasant in the early hours when the sun is making its way higher into the sky. Take advantage of the mild but warm weather and get in some movement in the morning hours. 

Taking a walk, jog, run, or hike in the morning is a wonderful way to set your mind and body up for feeling your best the rest of the day. For bonus points, get up early enough to watch the sunrise while you are out. 

Nothing helps us remember the fresh opportunity that arises with each and every day than watching that fiery ball light up the landscape around us.

Hone in on Your Hydration Habits 

We all know how important it is to stay hydrated. Dehydration makes us feel sluggish and cranky, causes cramps, slows down digestion, leads to headaches and irritability, and more. It is generally something we all want to avoid. 

Hydration is especially important in the summer months. The warmer temperatures make us lose fluids faster through sweat. Travel plans often thwart our hydration efforts, too, as we spend time in the air on flights or touring around cities without easy access to water bottle refills. 

Get super intentional about hydration during the summer months. You will feel better physically and mentally, your skin will look more plump and elastic, and your bodily functions will continue working optimally. Take advantage of the bounty of summer fruits and veggies to add flavor and fun to your water with slices of cucumber, watermelon, citrus, or herbs. 

Prioritize Sleep and Embrace the Nap

If your summer season means your schedule is less full of activities and obligations and more open to doing what feels and sounds best, take full advantage. Embrace this new-found freedom in your calendar and use it to do your body and mind good with rest, recovery, and relaxation. 

You can still enjoy every minute of these long summer days and even catch the late sunset without sacrificing sleep. Prioritize nightly rest by aiming for 7-9 hours of sleep each and every night. If you don’t have to wake up to an alarm the next morning, all the better. Let yourself sleep in, guilt free!

Hot summer afternoons or late day rainstorms are absolutely perfect opportunities to enjoy a nap. Climb into bed or lay yourself out on the couch and close your eyes. Even if you don’t fall asleep completely, the stillness will do your mind and body a great deal of good. 

Changing up routines doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice wellbeing. In fact, it can present opportunities for us to find our inner glow in ways that may not be available to us during other more structured seasons of life. 

And when you want to keep up your movement routine, we are here for it all summer long. Check out our current schedule here [SCHEDULE] and sign up for a few sessions today. 

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