Why Your Wellness Can’t Wait Until the New Year

The holiday season is officially here. For many of us, that means it’s time to throw out any semblance of a routine, eat and drink whatever we want, and excuse ourselves from our wellness goals. We do this in exchange for a big promise that we will get back to our wellness in the new year.

Cutting back or skipping out on exercise is extremely common in the winter months, especially during the hectic holiday season. A Gallup Poll found that the percentage of people who exercise regularly has the sharpest decline of the year in the month of December. On top of that, people eat foods higher in fat and sugar than they normally do and drink more alcohol, too. 

At Love Pilates, we don’t think your wellness can wait until the new year and we don’t think that you should skip out on fitness, this season or any other. Here are three reasons why.

  • The Holidays are Stressful for the Mass Majority of Us

You’ve probably seen the startling statistics about the holiday season and stress but they bear repeating. 

😬Nearly 90% of Americans feel the holidays are the most stressful time of the year. 

😬Nearly 80% have a very hard time relaxing during the holidays

😬Nearly 60% describe their holiday experience as being “chaotic”

What is the best way to reduce stress? You got it! Movement, exercise, breath, sweat. You will have a much better time in this wild time if you give your body and your mind the gift of movement throughout the season. 

  • Eating and Drinking During the Holidays

It’s the holiday season. Your Aunt Mary makes a mean bundt cake and you mean to eat it! Here here! Your best friend hosts an annual Secret Santa party and the wine will be flowing. Cheers! There is absolutely nothing wrong with partaking in the festivities that include food and libations in abundance. 

But you know how that makes you feel? Sluggish, tired, or even bloated and brain dead? The way to keep feeling your best is to keep moving. That way you can enjoy those events and loved ones to the max and not feel like garbage in the process.

  • You Are Too Important to Put Off

Hey there super mom, amazing friend, PTA powerhouse, and Dad that dons the Santa suit for the neighborhood gift exchange…we see you. You are doing ALL the things and you are absolutely knocking it out of the park. You deserve to get some of that amazing attention thrown in your own direction.

Your wellness is too important to put off. The way you feel and experience your days matters. Setting aside time for self care needs to make it to your list. Give yourself some of that devotion and commitment that you generously give to everyone else. You are worth it. 

Here’s what we think you should do. Click here right now [CLASS SCHEDULE] and book yourself into a couple sessions each and every week this December. Don’t allow your wellness to wait until the new year. 

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