A Happier You in 2023

The past couple of years have sure been a challenge, haven’t they?

It hasn’t been all bad of course! I’m celebrating so many blessings from over the last couple of years. Two grand babies, a wedding, and my business surviving the Covid shutdown to name a few. 

It seems though, that the news is a constant barrage of negativity and things to be concerned if not down right terrified about. And much of the public seems on edge. 

So which is it? Blessings or terror? 

I think it’s all about where we choose to focus our energy and attention. I don’t mean to minimize the bad times, we all certainly have those in our lives. But even in those situations, we can find moments of happiness, and appreciate the blessings of those who surround and support us during those tough times. 

I recently listened to an interview about a decades long Happiness study by Harvard researchers. In fact, I’ve seen several articles and have listened to several interviews and podcasts about happiness, and how to be happy in recent weeks. 

The one recurring theme in all of these is relationships. The key to happiness is not money, or possessions, but relationships. What makes a good life? One surefire, scientifically proven predictor of happiness is developing warmer relationships. 

At Love Pilates, one of our key values is Community. We believe that the way to be happy and successful is to surround ourselves with people who share our values of inclusion, friendliness, service, encouragement, love, excellence, and of course Community. We love the warm friendships we’ve built at Love Pilates, and we love seeing the wonderful friendships our clients have built with each other. 

Check out this New York Times 7 Day Happiness Challenge for ideas on how to improve different parts of your social life and new ways to think about connections and what sustains you.

And then come in and take a class, and be a part of our wonderful community of people who share the same goals of supporting and encouraging each other to better health and fitness.

With Love,


Owner of Love Pilates

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